Cable Locators

For the creation of pipeline plans, knowledge of the course of the pipeline route is necessary. Up-to-date and meaningful maps are not always available. Therefore, there are tools to find underground supply lines in the location without exposing them. For this purpose, there are a variety of locating devices with which the different underground lines can be searched. Underground pipes include water and gas pipes as well as drainage channels and power cables. Depending on the line material (metallic/non-metallic), the type of line (pressure line/non-pressured) and the distance between the access options, one of the following methods can be used.

  1. acoustic methods,
  2. pulse wave method,
  3. structure-borne sound methods,
  4. Electromagnetic methods

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  • Tracking and surveying systems
  • Line locators: receivers, transmitters
  • Cable locators to prevent cable damage
  • Sheathed Fault Locator
  • Transmitter Locators
  • Ferromagnetic Metal Dedektor
  • Detection and troubleshooting device for protected pipelines