Measuring devices analyze the electrical conductivity of the water. You have to know that absolutely pure water does not conduct electricity. H2O molecules themselves are neither positively nor negatively charged. The measuring device measures the solids dissolved in the water, such as metals, minerals, salts, they turn the water into an electrical conductor. Therefore, the principle applies: the more ions there are in the water, the better it conducts. The lower the number, the purer and most likely healthier the water is. Whether you are monitoring water quality in surface water, groundwater, or in a drinking water or wastewater application, you can rely on In-Situ's rugged instruments for accurate data collection. The single and multi-parameter probes are ideal for spot checking, continuous control or remote monitoring of water. Easy to use and maintain, they are designed for long-lasting performance in even the harshest environments.

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pH-/Redox-/T-instrument GMH 3511
  • with Pt1000 input
  • 2 row display
  • analogue output, interface
  • for BNC-pH- or ORP-electrodes
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