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Temperature measuring technology

GMH 2710-T

Temperature measuring device incl. Universal sensor
Precise measurements for laboratory, quality assurance and monitoring of production processes

Food (HACCP), medicine / pharmaceuticals, chemistry, aquaristics, fish farming, aquaculture

Measuring range:
-199 ... + 200 ° C

Soil Temp 285

Soil temperature measuring device
The universal display unit, combined with an extremely robust and at the same time ergonomic T-handle feeler made of stainless steel, allows a variety of measurements in soils and bulk material.

Fodder control, measurements in soils, landfills, silage, compost and much more. The alarm function can also be used to acoustically monitor adjustable temperature limits.

GMH 3210 - Universal-SET

Universal temperature measuring set in a suitcase

Ready-to-use universal temperature measuring set with 3 different temperature sensors type K. Ideally suited for the temperature measurement of liquids, air and gases as well as surfaces.

MT 400

Infrared Thermometer

Application examples:

  • Electrical - Locating overheated cables
  • Ventilation / heating / air conditioning control of heat exchangers
  • Food - Checking the temperature while keeping warm or storing food.