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Energy measuring technology

KATflow 100

Heat meters
Ultrasonic flow meter for thermal energy measurement
KATflow 100 • KATflow 150 • KATflow 230

Three of the Katronic ultrasonic flowmeters can also be used to measure heat, as the need for portable and stationary heat meters is increasing in both the various industries and the public sector.
The clampable flow and temperature sensors enable non-invasive thermal energy measurements without process interruptions, pressure drops and leaks.

To use the clamp-on flowmeters as a heat meter, two PT100 temperature sensors are needed, as well as a pair of flow sensing transducers attached to a suitable pipe section. The temperature sensors are mounted at the inlet and outlet of the selected system. In order to determine the energy consumption, the device evaluates the flow rates and the temperature difference taking into account the specific heat capacity of the corresponding medium.

Measuring technology

The flowmeters KATflow 100 and KATflow 150 are designed for permanent installation in a variety of HVAC applications
and can be easily integrated into automated building monitoring systems. The portable KATflow230, on the other hand, is the perfect measuring instrument for on-site measurements in the context of energy consumption surveys. All heat meters have process outputs including power, open collector with totalizer pulse and digital relay.

In addition, the KATflow 100 and KATflow 150 can be equipped with RS485 and Modbus communication interfaces.


  • Portable and stationary measuring instruments
  • Clampable PT100 temperature sensors
  • Internal measured value memory for up to 100,000 measured values ​​and software for data evaluation
  • Innovative installation wizard for user-friendly commissioning
  • Bidirectional flow measurements
  • Pipe diameter from 10 mm to over 3,000 mm
  • Temperature range for sensors from -30 ° C to +250 ° C
  • Heat flux measurements in W, kW, MW and heat quantity measurements in J, kJ, MJ
  • Measuring instruments with different types of PT100 built-in temperature sensors can be used
  • Output of the heat flow and the temperature values ​​in the graphic display
  • Measurements of coolant and water-glycol mixtures