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Weather analysis

HD2013 • HD2015

  • HD2015
  • HD2013_tavolo0
  • HD2013_tav_dissuasore0

Weather monitoring is of great importance. Not only to clarify what happens over a longer period of time, but also to prevent or minimize damage by using the possibilities of direct alerts. Our rain gauges are part of 'cloud' based warning systems to identify heavy rains and provide immediate warnings of flooding.

  • Intelligent design for long stability
  • Individual calibration ensures very high accuracy
  • Corrosion resistant materials, sturdy design
  • Does not need a power supply
  • Optional heating version for measuring all types of precipitation
  • Various sizes available, all in accordance with the WMO recommendation
  • Pole montage possible

HD2016 • HD2013.2

  • Unique self-draining mechanism
  • No influence of wind and vibration
  • High resistant material
  • No drain ensures extended calibration - minimizes maintenance costs


  • Simple and robust design
  • Multiple measurement in one device
  • Materials corrosion resistant

HD52.3D • HD2003

  • HD 52+
    HD 52+
  • HD 52
    HD 52
  • HD 5200
    HD 5200
  • HD 523D417 ANEMOM C PIRA
    HD 523D417 ANEMOM C PIRA
  • HD2003_freigestellt

Recently, the whole world has experienced the destructive forces of another hurricane.

Flooding, destroyed buildings, human losses.

It is clear that the power of the wind can exceed our imagination.
In cases where we can use this energy through power generation, the wind brings us great benefits and helps make our world greener.
In both cases, monitoring, measuring, collecting and analyzing data is very important.

  • Guaranteed long-term stability
  • Intelligent materials, corrosion resistant
  • Quick installation: internal compass
  • Designed to work with solar energy
  • Direction, speed, gusts, averages
  • Available as a complete integral solution
  • No moving parts, no wear: Reduces your maintenance costs

Heated versions available

HD52.3D • HD2003

LP PYRA 02 • LP PYRA 03 • LP PYRA 10

  • LP PYRA 02 copia
    LP PYRA 02 copia
  • LP PYRA 10
    LP PYRA 10
  • LPPHOT02_2 bianco00
    LPPHOT02_2 bianco00

The sun. It provides our world with daylight, it controls the temperature on our planet. It provides energy, it makes plants grow. We also learned the negative sides of what the sun can do.
How they can bring life and destroy it at the same time.
It shows that the measurement of the radiation is of great importance.

  • In accordance with the classification ISO 9060I
  • Mechanical and robust design
  • Easy setup and quick installation with leveling device for perfect position
  • High quality optical glass and standard quartz diffusers
  • Contains calibration certificate
  • Universal, can be connected to any system
  • Minimization of maintenance costs due to internal desiccant cartridge
  • Wide range of accessories for every installation mode

HD9408.3B • HD9408T Baro • HD 4V8T Baro

  • HD9408
  • HD4V8T BARO11
    HD4V8T BARO11
  • HD9408TB_2

A wide range of pressure transducers with just one target. Optimum reliability to be installed in all climatic conditions. Perfect for use under stand alone conditions or in combination with complete weather stations.

  • Meteorological pressure transmitter
  • Temperature compensation compensated for high stability
  • Designed for reliability
  • No maintenance required
  • Customizable area for every installation condition


  • HD35EDLM+
  • HD35EDLM
  • HD 32MT_1
    HD 32MT_1
  • HD35EDLM_connectivity_01
  • HD32MT

Your measurement data is important and this gives us full backup in our data loaders, even in the event of a power loss. The analysis of your data can be done as and where you want it. Local database connection, cloud solution with all information on your tablet or smartphone, we offer you what you need.

  • Easy to use everywhere: completely independent
  • Stable and reliable