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Soil analysis


For drilling and sampling in homogeneous soils

  • A series of drill bodies for all soils
  • Including suction drills for saturated sand
  • Quick check of the water level with the diving bell
  • Lifespan: several decades

Piercing cylinder-Set

For the removal of unmixed soil samples in piercing cylinders

  • Soil sampling above groundwater level
  • Soil sampling below groundwater level
  • Soil density measurements in the laboratory
  • Undisturbed sampling

Multisampler Standard-Set

  • For sediment sampling on a low budget
  • Professional tool with transparent sample tube
  • Open piercing head for undisturbed samples
  • Ball valve for sampling sewers, basins etc.
  • Sucker ensures perfect lancing sample length

Rammer core probe set

The rammer core probe set with gasoline powered hammer (Cobra TT) is equipped for drilling up to 5 m depth. The complete set includes a petrol-powered percussion hammer with wooden accessories and transport box, various extension rods, connecting sleeves, ramming pegs (combination type for different floor types) with different diameters and lengths.

  • Suitable for stony soils
  • No use of lubricants
  • Extremely robust rods and Rammkernsonden
  • Efficient, simple sampling
  • Sampling in foils possible

Hand penetrometer set

  • Geotechnical soil investigation
  • Traffic or viability study

Penetrologger standard set

The resistance to penetration reflects the load-bearing capacity of the soil and is a measure of how easily roots can penetrate it. This is particularly important in agriculture and in rural and urban building and civil engineering techniques. The penetration resistance is a mechanical quantity which, for a given soil condition, depends on variable parameters such as the degree of moisture, density and the strength of the connection between mineral particles.

  • No mechanical parts; robust and reliable
  • Fast GPS, automatic data storage
  • Display of soil moisture can be connected
  • 500 fully digital depth / force records
  • Several different projects can be defined
  • Projects can be selected at any time
  • Speed indicator promotes the right pressure
  • Displays averages and scatter