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The SKINNY DIPPER water level gauge is ideal for measuring static water levels in narrow wells, boreholes, pipes and piezometers. With the slim-line tape and ¼-inch probe, the readings can be read while the pump is still downhole, while wider belts can become entangled. The premium padded carry case is included to protect your precision instrument.
The ¼" polyethylene tape, available in metric (mm) or technical scale (1/100 '), is marked in black and red gradations, making measurements in the field easy to read.


  • Electronic module (IP65) - removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Circuits and components are potted to protect against ingress of moisture and dust
  • Sensitivity switch - to set false signals from cascading water
  • Probe (IP68) - ¼ "completely immerse up to 100m / 300 for 20 minutes
  • Tape - ¼ "extruded polyethylene tape - markings in metric (mm) or technical scale (1/100 ')
  • Padded carry case - protects your precision water level gauge from the elements
  • Hanger - built-in to support the counter at the wellhead allows hands-free application
  • Tape guide - built-in to protect the tape from sharp edges on the shaft housing
  • Vinyl handle - molded to the frame, ergonomic handle
  • Wrap handle - tailor-made for easy winding with gloves