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Raven Eye
Contactless radar flow sensor

RAVEN-EYE® is Flow-Tronic's new contactless RADAR flow sensor for gravity lines. It combines non-contact peak measurement technology with easy integration into existing PLT and teletransmission systems.

Based on the latest knowledge, development and production methods, and using the highest quality, most up-to-date components, Flow-Tronic produces a radar sensor that, due to its quality features and price, is simply THE choice for flow measurements in sewers and open gravity canals.


  • Highly accurate flow measurement
  • Cost-efficient
  • Mobile or stationary variants available
  • Non-contact: Sensor mounting without contact to the medium
  • Robust IP68 protected sensor housing
  • Designed for use in the tough conditions
  • Self-learning, hydraulic speed model for calculating average speed
  • For all canals and dimensions from 100mm

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