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RTQ - 2000


The RTQ-2000 is a revolutionary device connected directly to the non-contact RAVEN-EYE® radar flow sensor.
The RTQ-2000 has the ability to transmit the flow data, raw level, speed and temperature to the Internet from most manholes without special manhole coverage via GPRS data communication technology.
SMS (option) and e-mail alerting are possible. Data transfer to an existing database is possible with the XPATH module.


  • GPRS data transfer directly from the bay to the 123flow.com platform
  • The 123flow.com platform allows you to view the data, create personalized graphics, and manage all sites
  • Remote firmware update
  • Remote measurement location configuration
  • Li-ion batteries
  • The RTQ-2000 can run for 2 months with the Raven-Eye Flow Sensor, without having to change the Li-Ion battery
  • ATEX certification