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The LITTLE DIPPER 2 is a compact water level gauge designed for easy portability and used to measure static and falling water levels in wells. A padded carrying case is included, but small enough to be stored in a backpack.
To meet the needs of our customers, we've added four new tape lengths - 15m or 50ft, 30m or 100ft to the standard 22m or 75ft. With these extra lengths, the LITTLE DIPPER 2 achieves new depths while still retaining the compact size!
The LITTLE DIPPER 2 in static mode is used to measure water depth. DrawDown mode LITTLE DIPPER 2 can be used to measure falling water levels during purging, well development, and low flow sampling; Protect your pumps from damage caused by dry running.


  • Electronic Module (IP65) - Mode selectable for static and DrawDown levels, removable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Probe (IP68) - fully rated pressure / depth, 5/8 "field replaceable
  • Steel strip - high-strength steel, coated with polyethylene, high tear resistance, stretch-proof and lifelong readable - markings on an industrial scale (1 / 100ft) or metric (mm)
  • Padded mini carrying case - protects your precision water level gauge from the elements
  • Hanger - built-in to support the counter at the wellhead
  • Handle - soft comfort foam handle
  • Wrap handle - tailor-made for easy winding with gloves